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cage rapper

Years Active: 1993-present
Label: Definitive Jux
Best Known Song: “Agent Orange”

“If having a tortured past makes for great art, Cage had a leg up on everyone when he came into the rap game: His father was arrested for threatening the family with a shotgun, he was beaten by his stepfathers and uncle, got hooked on an array of drugs, was arrested numerous times, and got sent away to a mental health institution where he was given a drug that made him want to commit suicide-all before he turned 18.

So it’s no wonder that when he hit the rap scene sounding like a drug-addled psycho who escaped from his padded room… well, that’s basically what he was. He’s worked through most of it and gone in a distinctly emo direction with his boys Aesop Rock, Kid Cudi and El-P, but he can still rip shit whenever he wants to.” ~ Complex Media Quote

Christian Palko (born May 4, 1973), better known by his stage name Cage, is an American hip hop recording artist from Middletown, Orange County, New York. Cage is perhaps best known for his work under the labels Definitive Jux and Eastern Conference, as well as his 2002 debut studio album Movies for the Blind. Since his debut, Cage has released four albums, with the latest being 2013’s Kill the Architect. He has also released two compilation albums and two extended plays.

Cage is the founder of the underground hip hop supergroup The Weathermen, which was formed in 1999. He also established a group called Smut Peddlers, with hip hop duo The High & Mighty, publishing an album titled Porn Again, in 2001. He is also known for his collaborations with New Jersey rapper Tame One; the two are collectively known as Leak Bros.. Cage was also one-half of the duo The Nighthawks, which paired him alongside fellow American rapper Camu Tao, until Tao’s death, which occurred in 2008.


  • Movies for the Blind (2002)
  • Hell’s Winter (2005)
  • Depart from Me (2009)
  • Kill the Architect (2013)
  • Book Of Sam (TBA) as Sam Hill
  • The Revenge of Chris Palko (TBA)

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