White Rappers

Jivin Scientists


“James Owens (aka Runt) is the man behind the microphone as the voice of the group. Older brother Jason Owens (aka “Deeko”) plays the role of the heart of the Jivin Scientists as the Turntablist and DJ. At a young age, Runt befriended Ryan Troncoso (aka “Phen”), who is now one of the JS producers, as well as, Eddie Herrick (aka “Chase Crusher”). With the support of their growing fan base, family, and friends, Runt, Deeko, Phen, and Chase Crusher are bringing the Jivin Scientists to a whole new level of hip-hop stardom.”

Label: Strange Famous

Location: Tucson, AZ

Now signed to Strange Famous, more details are pending.


More Info Coming Soon…


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