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Matty Moe

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Matty Moe is a hip hop artist from Bloomington Indiana. 

Years Active 2009-Present

Matty Moe is a white hip hop artist from Indiana who was listed by Chicago Rap News as an artist to watch for along side Dr. Dre’s protégé, Jon Connor, and Chance the Rapper. Moe has been one of the most active artists on the Indiana rap scene opening for every major act that has come through the state.

In 2016 Matty Moe and fellow Indiana rapper, Michael Barber released a duel project titled, Deadly Combo. The lead single, Moon Rocks, hit the top 100 on Itunes. The album featured Nappy Roots and the Wu Tang Clan’s Streetlife.


“This Is My Life”
“Locked in The Studio”
“Self Destruction”

Deadly Combo” with Michael Barber

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