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Ron Braunstein (born June 7, 1976), better known by his stage-name Necro, is an American rapper from Brooklyn. He is the owner of Psycho+Logical-Records founded November, 1999. He is the younger brother of fellow rapper Ill Bill.

Years Active: 1991-present
Label: Psycho+Logical-Records
Best Known Song: “I Need Drugs”

“Necro, just like any other good Jewish boy from Brooklyn, mixed his love for heavy metal and porn, birthed Death Rap, and created his underground Psycho+Logical Records empire. None of which ever comes up at the Passover seder.” Complex Media on Necro


Necro was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in the Glenwood Houses where he lived for eight years from about 6 years old to age 14, when he moved to Canarsie. Born into a Jewish family, he is the son of two Israeli expatriates with ancestry from Israel and Romania. Necro’s father was a Romanian born Israeli soldier and his mother an Orthodox baal teshuva.

He began his musical career at 11, playing in a death/thrash band named Injustice. He made a transition from heavy metal to hip hop. In 1988, he started rapping after being influenced by his older brother, rapper Ill Bill. Necro derived his stage-name from the Slayer song “Necrophobic”. Before that he called himself “Mad Mooney”, which was a character from a Clive Barker book. He made his first demo in about 1990 and won a demo battle contest on the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show on WKCR-FM. In about 1993 Necro started rapping full-time and made a demo called “Do The Charles Manson”. In 1995 he proceeded to rap on the Wildman Steve and DJ Riz show WBAU 90.3 FM.

Necro founded the independent record label Psycho+Logical-Records in November 1999. In 15 years, Psycho+Logical-Records has released over 40+ albums all available digitally online on over 300+ outlets & physically in stores on CD & vinyl.


  • 2000: I Need Drugs
  • 2001: Gory Days
  • 2004: The Pre-Fix for Death
  • 2005: The Sexorcist
  • 2007: Death Rap
  • 2010: Die

Production Credits

  • 1998: Necro: Cockroaches EP
  • 2000: Necro: I Need Drugs
  • 2001: Necro: Gory Days
  • 2003: Necro: Necro Presents: Brutality Pt. 1 (with Ill Bill, Mr Hyde, Goretex)
  • 2004: Sabac Red: Sabacolypse: A Change Gon’ Come
  • 2004: Necro: The Pre-Fix for Death
  • 2004: Ill BIll: ”What’s Wrong with Bill?
  • 2004: Mr Hyde: “Barn of The Naked Dead”
  • 2004: Goretex: “The Art of Dying”
  • 2005: Necro: The Sexorcist
  • 2005: The Circle of Tyrants (with Ill Bill, Mr Hyde, Goretex)
  • 2007: Necro: Death Rap (Ind 43, Heat 13)
  • 2010: Necro: DIE! (R&B 48, Heat 19)
  • 2012: Necro: Murder Murder Kill Kill EP
  • 2013: “Once Upon A Crime” by The Godfathers (with Kool G Rap)

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