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Patrick Stay is a battle rapper from Dartmouth (A.K.A. The Darkside), Nova Scotia.

Pat first gained notoriety in the battle rap league known as The Elements League based in Nova Scotia. He was by far the most viewed battler in the league, being a participant in the only battles published on the Elements League channel that would have tens of thousands of views.

In early 2009, Pat Stay made his King Of The Dot (KOTD) debut against Bartone. He handedly won the battle and would go on to become one of the top battlers on King Of The Dot.

In 2010, he agreed to a matchup against his childhood friend Hollohan at World Domination 1. This battle is widely regarded as one of the best recorded battles ever and was ranked by KOTD’s founder Organik as the best battle to ever occur in the league.

By 2013 Pat Stay was widely considered the best battler in Canada and to be one of the best battling on the KOTD stage consistently. After being asked repeatedly and refusing, Pat finally agreed to take a matchup for the KOTD title against Arcane. Pat Stay would go on to win the battle and become KOTD’s Champion.

As KOTD champion he became the first and, as of 2016, only champ to defend the title 3 times against Dizaster(2014 @ Blackout 4), Daylyt (2014 @ Flatline 3) and Charron (2015 @ Blackout 5) before eventually losing the title to Illmaculate at World Domination 5.

In 2016 Pat Stay was apart of one of the most anticipated matchups in battle rap history against Hollow Da Don. Both men were widely considered to be the best battle rappers in their respective countries and had a one round battle at Battle Of the Brave in London before having a full matchup at KOTD’s Massacre 3 in Massachusetts.

Pat Stay continues to be active in the battle rap world and has mentioned on Facebook he plans on releasing a full album soon. He is also set to appear in the battle rap film entitled “Bodied” to be released sometime in 2017.

Here’s a list of all of Pat Stay’s battles:
Critical vs Pat Stay (2009)
Pat Stay vs Cronic (2009)
Pat Stay vs Miracle (2009)
Pat Stay vs Bartone (2009)
Pat Stay vs HFK (2010)
Hollohan vs Pat Stay (2010)
Arsonal vs Pat Stay (2011)
Pat Stay vs Marvwon (2011)
Pat Stay vs The Saurus (2012)
Jimmy Pistol vs Pat Stay (2012)
Pat Stay vs Head I.C.E. (2012)
Pat Stay vs Math Hoffa (2012)
Pat Stay vs Shotty Horroh (2013)
Pat Stay vs Nils m/ Skils (2013)
Arcane vs Pat Stay (2013)
Pat Stay vs Dizaster (2014)
Pat Stay vs Rone (2014)
Pat Stay vs Daylyt (2014)
Pat Stay vs Charron (2015)
Pat Stay vs Calicoe (2015)
Pat Stay vs Illmaculate (2015)
Pat Stay & Rone vs Shuffle T & Marlo (2015)
Pat Stay vs Hollow Da Don (2015)
Pat Stay vs Hollow Da Don (2016)
Pat Stay vs Serius Jones (2016)
Pat Stay vs John John Da Don (2016)

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