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Powder P

image Powder P

Years Active: Late ’90s-present
Label: Relativity Records/Mo Thugs Family, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
Best Known Song: Bone Thugs N Harmony f/Felecia, Queen Thug & Powder, “Ghetto Cowboys”

“As the story goes, Powder P was added to the Mo’ Thugs roster after the Tennessee native showed up at Krayzie Bone’s door and kicked a freestyle. This led to an appearance on Mo Thugs’ gold-selling single “Ghetto Cowboy” in 1998. Ten years later, he found god and was pursuing a career in the Christian Rap genre as well as promoting his little brother/rapper, J.Grimes.” ~ Complex Media on Powder P


Powder P is a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony affiliated rapper best known for his appearance on the 1998 chart topping single, Ghetto Cowboy.

In 2011 after a long hiatus, Powder P released the mixtape, “Back from the Grave.”

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