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The Dirtball

“With his rapid-fire style, Oregon-based rapper the Dirtball (born David Alexander) merges the lightning-fast delivery of Twista with the off-color lyrics of Eminem to create a style that’s an assault not only on listeners’ senses, but possibly their sensibilities. Before becoming a member of the stoner rap collective Kottonmouth Kings, the Dirtball released a string of albums through the group’s Suburban Noize label, making his debut with 2005’s Pop-A-D-Ball, followed by 2006’s Raptillion and 2008’s Crook County. The rapper made his debut with the Kings on their 2010 album, Long Live the Kings. The following year, the Dirtball released his fourth solo album, Nervous System.” ~ Gregory Heaney, Rovi

David Alexander (born in Crook County, Oregon), better known by his stage name The Dirtball is an American recording solo artist, a member of hip-hop rap group Kottonmouth Kings whom he joined in early 2010, and the punk rock group collaboration X-Pistols with Daddy X of the Kottonmouth Kings and members of So Cal punk group D.I.

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