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The Palmer Squares

the palmer squares

The Palmer Squares consists of two white MCs from Chicago named Accumental and Terminal Knowledge. 


Years Active: 2008-present
Label: Stank Face Records
Best Known Song: “Broken Language”

The rap duo made up of Acumental and Terminal Knowledge from Chicago. Started being noticed in 2010 when they were featured on a YouTube cypher in 2010 with other notable YouTube rappers including Dumbfoundead and white rapper Wax.

The Palmer Squares have released several albums and EPs via independent labels and on their own including 2 EPs Spooky Language (2012) and Square Tactics (2012),  and 2 albums Finna (2013), In Context(2015). They have also appeared on tons of cypher videos on youtube.

External Links

The Palmer Squares Website

The Palmer Squares on Facebook

The Palmer Squares on SoundCloud

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