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Vanessa Renee Reece (born November 11, 1990), better known by her stage name V-Nasty, is an American rapper from Oakland, California. She is best known for being part of the group White Girl Mob with Kreayshawn and Lil Debbie, and for collaborating with Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane. Reece released her debut studio album with Gucci Mane titled BAYTL in 2011 through 1017 Records and Warner Bros. Records. In 2013, she signed a record deal with independent label Pinnacle Records and started working on her second album, as well as a reality TV show. In 2014, V-Nasty released released a Mixtape titled “11Lem” along with a new singletitled “Tweekin”.

The “N Word” Controversy


Reece has been criticized for the use of the word “nigga” in her early songs, although she defended it as being used in a friendly way and part of her city’s culture. Rapper David Banner released a song condemning her actions, while Mistah F.A.B. came to her defense, stating that Oakland has a culture of its own and claimed Reece and her group White Girl Mob are a product of that environment. Rapper Fat Joe also defended her, stating that “if rappers use the word, and rap music is for everyone, then it’s misguided to lash out members of other races who pick up on it” and claiming that the word is not viewed as racist nowadays.

In November 2012, Reece accused Soulja Boy of being a “fake ass industry rapper” and compared him unfavorably to his girlfriend Diamond of Crime Mob. Soulja Boy refused to engage in a beef commenting: “What would I look like fighting with a girl?” Her on going feud with her alleged ex-boyfriend Magneto Dayo seemed to have been over when they collaborated on a song entitled “Hate u” the breakup) but the fire was once again lit when she threatened him in an interview saying “I’ll kick his ass” and denying ever lying about the paternity of her child. Magneto Dayo retaliated with a song called “OJ Simpson” in which he claimed she turned her back on him and others that were there for her before her fame.


Studio albums

  • 2011 – BAYTL (with Gucci Mane)


  • 2013 – The Words I Wrote


  • 2011 – Don’t Bite Just Taste
  • 2012 – Doin’ Number$[16]
  • 2014 – 11 Lem

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