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Billy Allsbrook, Jr., better known by his stage name White Dawg, is an American rapper and record producer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

His recordings include the 1999 Top-20 hip-hop single “Restless” and his debut LP Thug Ride. In 2001, White Dawg produced the album Dunks and D’s by Thrill da Playa of the group 69 Boyz. Allsbrook later distributed his music through the Internet, as his song “Right Here” featuring Jay Roc of Hard Hat Productions & Music Entertainment, which sampled its hook from Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting”, became popular on the website MySpace as well as on some commercial urban radio stations.

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Born in Alabama, White Dawg moved to Dade County, Florida as a teenager. He began distributing his music by giving away tapes at a local record store, Kotam Stereo, in the Oakland Park flea market. He additionally recorded at the studio of a friend from Kotam. His first single was “I Wanna Lick the Pussy” (1994), which became a regional club hit without the assistance of radio airplay.

His follow-on single “Restless” was released in 1999 reaching #18 on the Billboard rap chart. Subsequently, Thug Ride was released in 1999, being compared to the music of another white rapper, Eminem. After the relative success for an independently released album of Thug Ride, White Dawg released a follow-up album, Animosity, whose track “Pop a Pill” was played on independent radio in Orlando, Florida.

White Dawg distributed his third album, Bonified Platinum, through his website. He currently distributes all his recordings through his website, “believingelectronic music distribution to be a major catalyst for change in the recording industry.”  He did the same for his fourth, Me vs. Me, and its single “Right Here”, which sampled its hook from Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting”, was put in rotation on urban radio stations throughout the Southern United States as well as in California.


  • The Broward Playaz (1993)
  • Thug Ride (1999)
  • Animosity (2002)
  • Bonified Platinum (2004)
  • ME vs. ME (2006

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